Tightening security posture with micro-segmentation

Jan Heijdra, Cisco Security Specialist . Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager | 27 January 2021

Micro-segmentation protects your network by limiting the lateral movement of ransomware and other threats in your network. Yet successfully implementing a defense-in-depth strategy using micro-segmentation may be complicated.

In this second webinar in a series of two webinars about ransomware, Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager from AlgoSec and Jan Heijdra, Cisco Security Specialist, will provide a blueprint to implementing micro-segmentation using Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Cisco Tetration) and AlgoSec Network Security Policy Management.

Join our live webinar to learn:
• Why micro-segmentation is critical to fighting ransomware
• Understand your business applications to create your micro-segmentation policy
• Validate your micro-segmentation policy is accurate
• Enforce these granular policies on workloads and summarized policies across your infrastructure
• Use risk and vulnerability analysis to tighten your workload and network security
• Identify and manage security risk and compliance in your micro-segmented environment