Cessation of Misconfigurations: Common Network Misconfiguration Risks & How to Avoid Them

Misconfigurations aren’t simply inconvenient mistakes but serious security threats. According to Gartner, 99% of all firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations by 2020 and misconfigurations made OWASP’s list of Top 10 most critical web application security risks.  

A single change to a network device can have far-reaching effects on your business and create security holes for cybercriminals, impact your audits, and cause costly outages that bring your business to a standstill. 

In this webinar, Avivi Siman-Tov, AlgoSec’s Director of Product, will show examples of common misconfigurations, including device changes, business application connectivity changes, and data center migrations. He will also reveal specific techniques to help you avoid them.  

 Watch the webinar to learn how to: 

  • Understand and map your entire network before you make a change 
  • Proactively assess the impact of a change to ensure it does not break connectivity, affect compliance or create a security hole and understand the impact of changes to your entire network 
  • Maximize the capabilities of network management automation to avoid common misconfigurations 
  • Avoid common mistakes when making changes to your network security devices