The First Step Towards Micro-segmentation: Application Visibility

Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect, AlgoSec | June 2020

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, companies struggle to stay secure. To prevent serious breaches, your network must be internally segmented to stop unauthorized users from moving freely inside the network and exfiltrate data. Network segmentation must be designed and managed properly.

Identifying the business applications on your network is a critical early step to develop and implement your micro-segmentation strategy.

In this webinar, Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect at AlgoSec, will get you started on your micro-segmentation journey.

  • Why application mapping is a crucial step in your path to micro-segmentation
  • Ways to discover and map your network’s business applications using industry's leading solutions
  • How to identify how your micro-segmentation program impacts your business applications
  • Tips to understand the business impact of your planned segmentation project on your organization
  • How to succeed with your micro-segmentation project