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Demo: AlgoSec’s Integration with Cisco ACI

230 views September 15, 2019

In this demo, Prof. Avishai Wool you will discuss the AlgoSec integration with ACI. He explains...

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The Capital One Breach: How to avoid the...

902 views August 06, 2019

Prof. Avishai Wool explains the Capital One data breach, which exposed the personal information...

Prof Wool #9

Microsegmentation Defining Logical Segments

215 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 3, Prof. Wool covers how to define logical segments within a micro-segmentation project

Prof Wool #9

Microsegmentation - Generating a Filtering Policy

220 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 4, Prof. Wool demonstrates how to generate a filtering policy during a...

Prof Wool #9

Microsegmentation - Ongoing Maintenance

219 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 5, Prof. Wool video covers the steps needed to take to ensure ongoing maintenance of...

Prof Wool #3

Sharing Network Security Information with the...

1,211 views February 14, 2019

Firewall Management 201: Lesson 18 Collaboration tools such as Slack provide a convenient way to...