From antiquity to the cloud: 25 years of firewalls and network filtering

Prof. Avishai Wool, CTO 

The first commercial firewall shipped in 1992. 25 years later the firewall is still the core building block of enterprises’ security infrastructures. 

In this educational webinar on the history of the firewall, Prof. Wool will take you through a riveting 25-year journey of the evolution of the firewall - from the ancient world of the host-based firewalls of the 90s, to today’s cloud-based firewalls, and will explain how each type of firewall works, its advantages and limitations, and provide some tips and best practices for effective network filtering.

In this highly informational, and entertaining webinar Professor Wool will cover: 

The Early 90s: Host vs. Network 
Late 90s: Keeping State 
2003: Zone-Based firewalls 
2010: Next-Gen firewalls 
2015: Virtualized and cloud firewalls