Stop putting out fires. Pass network security audits – every time

Compliance with network and data security regulations and internal standards is vital and mission-critical. But with increasing global regulations and network complexities, it’s harder than ever to keep up.

Firewall management and network security policies are critical components in achieving compliance. Firewall audits are complex and demanding and documentation of current rules is lacking. There’s no time and resources to find, organize, and inspect all your firewall rules. Instead of being proactive and preventative, network security teams are constantly putting out fires.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• The golden rules for passing a network security audit
• Best practices to maintain continuous compliance
• How to conduct a risk assessment and fix issues

Learn how to prevent fires and pass network security audits every time.

Tal Dayan, AlgoSec’s product manager, will reveal the Firewall Audit Checklist, the six best practices to ensure successful audits.

By adopting these best practices, security teams will significantly improve their network’s security posture and reduce the pain of ensuring compliance with regulations, industry standards and corporate policies.