State of Ransomware: Caught between perception and reality

Ransomware continues to be a major problem—and the problem is only getting worse. An exclusive ExtraHop 2022 survey conducted with over 500 security and IT decision makers provided some sobering responses: 85% of those surveyed reported suffering at least one ransomware attack while an alarming 74% have experienced multiple attacks. Yet most IT decision makers (77%) are confident in their ability to prevent or mitigate all cybersecurity threats, including ransomware.

In this webinar, we take an in depth look into the implications of this alarming trend and provide a turnkey strategy that organizations can implement today to safeguard their most critical data stored in their business applications and increase their level of ransomware preparedness.

Join us for:

* In-depth analysis of infamous ransomware attacks
* Ways to identify and remediate vulnerabilities at the application level
* A practical application centric approach that can support your pre-existing security measures
* Mitigation measures to consider at the onset of your next ransomware attack
* Ransomware future trends predictions