Prof Wool: Firewall Management 201

Sharing Network Security Information with the Wider IT Community With Team Collaboration Tools

Firewall Management 201: Lesson 18

Collaboration tools such as Slack provide a convenient way to have group discussions and complete collaborative business tasks. Now, these automated chatbots can be used for answering questions and handling tasks for development, IT and infosecurity teams.

For example, enterprises can use chatbots to automate information-sharing across silos, such as between IT and application owners. So rather than having to call somebody and ask them “Is that system up? What happened to my security change request?” and so on, tracking helpdesk issues and the status of help requests can become much more accessible and responsive. Chatbots also make access to siloed resources more democratic and more widely available across the organization (subject, of course to the necessary access rights).

In this video, Prof. Wool discusses how automated chatbots can be used to help a wide range of users for their security policy management tasks – thereby improving service to stakeholders and helping to accelerate security policy change processes across the enterprise.

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