Selecting the right security policy management solution for your organization

Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect 

IT must deliver more, faster. Yet as cyber-attacks increase in volume and sophistication, IT groups are finding themselves ill-equipped to secure their networks and maintain compliance while supporting business productivity. 
In this era of digital transformation, managing security across complex enterprise networks presents huge challenges. Automation will ease the pressure. 
Join Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect at AlgoSec, for a technical webinar on tips and best practices to help you select the right security policy management solution that will help drive business agility while ensuring security and compliance. 

Key topics include:
  • Intelligent automation is more than just adding policies
  • Letting a business-centric approach take the lead 
  • Extracting the best from existing automation processes and creating new ones 
  • Managing it all together: cloud, SDN and on-premise