Securely Managing Application Connectivity – Best Practices

Yoni Geva, Product Manager  | June 12, 2019
New business applications are added, changed or removed every day, forcing implementation of complex, time-consuming network security changes. Migrating business applications to the cloud adds additional complexities, such as understanding the network connectivity of each application prior to deployment, provisioning the relevant firewalls and routers in the cloud, and then migrating and adjusting existing network connectivity to support them.

In this webinar, Yoni Geva, Product Manager at AlgoSec will present:

•Innovative application-discovery technologies
•Application-centric use cases, including policy cleanup and documentation
•How to simplify and accelerate rule recertification through automation
•How to prevent breaches by associating vulnerabilities to business applications and
firewall rules
•How to ensure ongoing compliance and audit-readiness