Micro-segmentation – from Strategy to Execution

Avishai Wool, CTO & Co-founder (AlgoSec) | June 2020

Organizations heavily invest in security solutions to keep their networks safe, but still struggle to close the security gaps. Micro-segmentation helps protect against the lateral movement of malware and minimizes the risk of insider threats. Micro-segmentation has received lots of attention as a possible solution, but many IT security professionals aren’t sure where to begin or what approach to take.

In this practical webinar, Prof. Avishai Wool, AlgoSec’s CTO and co-founder will guide you through each stage of a micro-segmentation project – from developing the correct micro-segmentation strategy to effectively implementing it and continually maintaining your micro-segmented network.

Register now for this live webinar and get a practical blueprint to creating your micro-segmentation policy:

• What is micro-segmentation.
• Common pitfalls in micro-segmentation projects and how to avoid them.
• The stages of a successful micro-segmentation project.
• The role of policy change management and automation in micro-segmentation.

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