How to Modernise Your Infrastructure Without Neglecting Your Security

Alex Hilton Chief Executive, CIF | Kyle Wickert Worldwide Strategic Architect, AlgoSec | Michael Meyer CRP, MRSBPO

Episode 2 of Keeping Up-to-Date with Your Network Security

There is a lot of value in moving enterprise applications onto the cloud. These benefits range from security and data protection and business agility, to financial benefits and faster time to markets. However, efforts can sometimes be misplaced, which causes disruption to the network and leaves you with inadequate security and compliance measures. Cloud network security is made up of multiple layered security, and before making the decision to use enterprise applications in the cloud, you must thoughtfully consider the variety of security controls you will use to secure your data.

So, how can you elevate digital transformation and cloud migration efforts, without neglecting your security? Does it have to be one or the other, and if not, what steps should be taken in your transformation journeys to ensure that network security remains a priority?

Join us in this session to learn more about:

- What is required to move the security portion of your application

- Challenges and solutions to lower the cost, better prepare for the migration and reduce the risks involved

- How to enhance visibility, and why this is so important when modernising your infrastructure

- How to unify your network security management across a hybrid and multi-cloud environment

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