Effectively Managing Security Policy | Joint Fortinet & AlgoSec Webinar

Satish Veerapuneni, Director of Products and Solutions (Fortinet) and Yoav Karnibad, Product Manager (AlgoSec) | Jun 26 2019

In today’s complex and dynamic environment with growing digital business demands, IT often struggles to gain adequate visibility and control, and to ensure compliance with security policies and regulatory guidelines. Effective security policy management that accommodates the dynamic nature of today’s organizations is a key challenge for many IT departments.

In this webinar, Satish Veerapuneni, Director of Products and Solutions at Fortinet and Yoav Karnibad, Product Manager at AlgoSec will discuss how joint customers benefit from AlgoSec’s multi-vendor security policy management capabilities while leveraging Fortinet’s industry-leading Security Fabric’s FortiManager & FortiAnalyzer.

Join this live webinar to learn how to:
• Automate policy optimization and risk assessment across all your security devices.
• Enhance visibility and exercise greater control over your hybrid / heterogeneous network
• Tie application connectivity needs to network security policies, reduce planning time and costs for network change automation
• Assess risk and ensure regulatory compliance across the entire enterprise environment
• Realize single pane of glass management with advanced analysis and management of policy modifications through Fortinet Security Fabric’s FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer and AlgoSec’s Firewall Analyzer, FireFlow and BusinessFlow