Cut the Clutter with ChatOps & Improve Network Security

Dania Ben Peretz, Product Manager 

    IT teams’ alerts are overflowing with questions about network status from coworkers. Say no to overwhelming alerts in multiple applications. There is a better way to get critical answers about the state of your network: ChatOps.

    ChatOps, using your existing chat tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, can get the crucial questions answered, and not have to track multiple apps separately.

    In this webinar, Dania Ben Peretz, Product Manager at AlgoSec, demonstrates the latest in AlgoBot and show how to:

    • Get immediate answers to pressing network traffic questions
    • Get immediate answers about whether your business applications are secure
    • Decrease the time it takes to resolve critical security incidents
    • Empower your business and application teams to drive innovation
    • Ensure that your network and security teams are focusing on the most critical issues
    • Efficiently manage security by transparently collaborating with IT, Security, Network and DevOps teams
    All while saving time, reducing resources, and cutting the clutter.