Customer success

Customer success

AlgoSec - Customer Sound Bites

1,717 views February 14, 2019

A collection of sound bites from AlgoSec's customer testimonials.

Customer success

AlgoSec Case Study: BT

2,370 views February 14, 2019

Phil Packman, General Manager, Security Gateway Operations at BT, discusses how AlgoSec Firewall...

Customer success

AlgoSec Case Study: Dimension Data

1,075 views February 14, 2019

Martin Schlatter, Security Services Product Manager in Dimension Data, Australian Managed...

Customer success

AlgoSec's "Obsession" With Customer Satisfaction

2,799 views February 14, 2019

AlgoSec's CEO, Yuval Baron, talks about the company's commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer success

AlgoSec Case Study: Verizon Business

1,952 views February 14, 2019

Stefano Ciminelli, Head of Business Resilience and Data Protection EMEA in Verizon Business,...

Customer success

AlgoSec Case Study: CUNA Mutual Group

99 views February 14, 2019

Michael Lindskov, Senior Enterprise Architect

Customer success

AlgoSec Interview with Richard Steinnon

677 views February 14, 2019

Richard Steinnon from IT-Harvest interviews Nimmy Reichenberg, AlgoSec VP of Marketing, on the...

Customer success

AlgoSec Case Study: T-Mobile

3,027 views February 14, 2019

Peter Erceg, Head of IT Security at T-Mobile, talks about how AlgoSec helped T-Mobile optimize...

Customer success

Partnering with AlgoSec

555 views February 14, 2019

Dave Doebler, Director of Sales in Mission Critical Systems- an AlgoSec gold partner, talks about...