CSA Study: Security Challenges in Cloud Environments

John Yeoh, Global VP of Research (CSA) & Yitzy Tannenbaum Product Marketing Manager (AlgoSec) | May 22 2019

Cloud computing provides improved security, agility, and flexibility. However, integrating this new service into legacy IT environments comes with great concern.

In a recent report published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), security, data loss and compliance were identified as the top 3 concerns when moving to the cloud. In the face of increasingly complex environments, cloud visibility and expertise are essential to ensuring a manageable, secure and fluent transition to a native cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Join our special webinar with John Yeoh, Director of Research with expertise in cybersecurity, cloud computing, information security, and next generation technology from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

We will cover various topics from the new CSA report Cloud Complexity: The Use of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments, including:

• Workloads being used in or moved to the cloud and how they are being deployed/migrated
• Types of cloud platforms being used by companies
• Common security challenges faced by companies when moving workloads to the cloud
• Methods of managing risk and vulnerabilities in the cloud environment
• Causes of network or application outages and the amount of time it took to remediate