Cisco ACI & AlgoSec: Achieving application-driven security across your hybrid network

As your network extends into hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including software-defined networks such as Cisco ACI, managing security policies within your hybrid estate becomes more and more complex. 

Because each part of your network estate is managed in its own silo, it’s tough to get a full view of your entire network. Making changes across your entire network is a chore and validating your entire network’s security is virtually impossible. 

Learn how to unify, consolidate, and automate your entire network security policy management including both within the Cisco ACI fabric and elements outside the fabric. 

In this session Omer Ganot, AlgoSec’s Product Manager, will discuss how to: 

  • Get full visibility of your entire hybrid network estate, including items within the Cisco ACI security environment, as well as outside it. 
  • Unify, consolidate, and automate your network security policy management, including elements within and outside of the Cisco ACI fabric. 
  • Proactively assess risk throughout your entire network, including Cisco ACI contracts, and recommend the necessary changes to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations