Bridging NetOps and SecOps: An Experts’ Panel

Doug Hurd (Cisco) Henrik Skovfoged (Conscia) Oren Amiram (AlgoSec) Tsippi Dach (AlgoSec)

Silos hurt security. Your network and its security are not managed by just one team. It is the responsibility of both NetOps and SecOps, but these teams don’t always play well together.

In this security experts’ panel, Doug Hurd from Cisco, Henrik Skovfoged from Conscia, Oren Amiram and Tsippi Dach from AlgoSec will share how you can bring NetOps and SecOps teams together with Cisco ACI, Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Cisco Tetration) and AlgoSec.

Discover how NetOps and SecOps teams can:

Bridge the NetOps/SecOps divide, improve communication, and break down the silos between network and security.

Align network, security, and business application owners

Improve the entire network security with Cisco Secure Workload and firewall management

Automate tasks and gain network traffic visibility of networks and security controls for threat detection, analysis and response across Cisco ACI and the entire hybrid and multi-vendor network.

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