5 practical Steps to Implementing a Zero-Trust Network

Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst (Forrester Research), Prof. Avishai Wool, Co-founder & CTO (AlgoSec) | June 30, 2020

A zero-trust architecture mitigates risk by only providing the minimally required access to your network resources. But implementing zero-trust is easier said than done.

Get practical tips to successfully implement zero-trust architecture in this webinar featuring Chase Cunningham of Forrester Research and Prof. Avishai Wool, AlgoSec’s co-founder and CTO.

In this session, they will discuss why zero-trust architecture is the blueprint for an effective security strategy, challenges implementing zero-trust architecture, as well as provide the five practical steps to successfully implementing zero-trust architecture:

• Taking an inventory of your sensitive data and deciding how to segment it
• Mapping the traffic flows of your sensitive data and associate them to your business applications
• Designing and enforcing your network’s micro-perimeters
• Ensuring all your security ecosystem integrates so you can holistically monitor and adjust your network if threats are detected
• Embracing security automation and orchestration for long-term success