Zero-Touch Network Security Automation



Complex networks take significant resources to get projects from A to B. There’s a lot of hands-on, manual effort required to manage networks and keep them secure. Network management is demandingly ‘high-touch.’

There is a better way. ‘Zero-touch’ solutions can accelerate change requests, with request generation to implementation taking just minutes. But, preparing for zero-touch network automation isn’t a zero-touch process. Preparation is needed, especially if you have a complex hybrid network: on-premise, in the cloud, and/or using an SDN.

In this webinar, Dania Ben Peretz, AlgoSec Product Manager, will reveal technical tips and tricks and the steps needed to get zero-touch network automation up and running.

Learn how to:
• Get a comprehensive view of your network
• Automate each step in the change process
o Discover which security devices are in the path and blocking traffic
o Define the allowed connectivity between zones
o Plan changes, naming conventions, and change policies
o Push changes to devices
o Validate changes and detect out-of-band changes
• Accelerate application changes and have application owners and IT managers speak the same language

Dania Ben Peretz

Product Manager, AlgoSec

Miki Weiser

Director of Digital Marketing Operations and Programs, AlgoSec

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