Radically Reduce Firewall Rules with Application-Driven Rule Recertification

Asher Benbenisty, Director of Product Marketing (AlgoSec) | October 2020

Does your network still have obsolete firewall rules? Do you often feel overwhelmed with the number of firewall rules in your network?

To make sure your network is secure and compliant, you need to regularly review and recertify firewall rules. However, manual firewall rule recertification is complex, time-consuming and error-prone, and mistakes may cause application outages.

Discover a better way to recertify your firewall rules with Asher Benbenisty, AlgoSec’s Director of Product Marketing, as he discusses how associating application connectivity with your firewall rules can radically reduce the number of firewall rules on your network as well as the efforts involved in rule recertification.

In this webinar, we discussed:
* The importance of regularly reviewing and recertifying your firewall rules
* Integrating application connectivity into your firewall rule recertification process
* Automatically managing the rule-recertification process using an application-centric approach