Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

building and implementing a microsegmentation strategy in the data center blocks lateral movement and helps protect the organization from cyberthreats.
Watch Prof. Wool’s whiteboard video series on microsegmentation and learn why and how to segment the data center, how to future-proof your policies and about the ongoing maintenance of a microsegmented data center.

Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

Introduction to Micro-segmentation

433 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 1, Prof. Wool introduces micro-segmentation: reasons for segmenting the data center,...

Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

Microsegmentation - Mapping Existing Applications

264 views June 11, 2019

Watch Prof. Wool as he shares tips on how to prepare for network segmentation by identifying the...

Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

Microsegmentation Defining Logical Segments

286 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 3, Prof. Wool covers how to define logical segments within a micro-segmentation project

Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

Microsegmentation - Generating a Filtering Policy

276 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 4, Prof. Wool demonstrates how to generate a filtering policy during a...

Prof Wool: Micro-Segmentation

Microsegmentation - Ongoing Maintenance

283 views June 11, 2019

In lesson 5, Prof. Wool video covers the steps needed to take to ensure ongoing maintenance of...