Overcoming the Challenges of Managing a Hybrid Environment

Omer Ganot, Cloud Security Product Manager (AlgoSec), Stuti Deshpande, Partner Solution Architect (AWS) | Sep 2020

Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a critical part of your hybrid network. It is important to keep out the bad guys (including untrusted insiders) and proactively secure your entire hybrid network.

Securing your network is both the responsibility of the cloud providers, as well as your organization’s IT and CISOs – the shared responsibility model. As a result, your organization needs visibility into what needs to be protected, as well as an understanding of the tools that are available to keep them secure.

In this webinar, Omer Ganot, AlgoSec’s Cloud Security Product Manager, and Stuti Deshpande's, Amazon Web Service’s Partner Solutions Architect, will share security challenges in the hybrid cloud and provide tips to protect your AWS and hybrid environment, including how to:

• Securely migrate workloads from on-prem to public cloud
• Gain unified visibility into your network topology and traffic flows, including both public cloud and on-premises assets, from a single console.
• Manage/orchestrate multiple layers of security controls and proactively detect misconfigurations
• Protect your data, accounts, and workloads from misconfiguration risks
• Protect web applications in AWS by filtering traffic and blocking common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting
• Gain a unified view of your compliance status and achieve continuous compliance