Network Security Audit? Passing Your Next One with Flying Colors

Prof. Avishai Wool, CTO | Sep 6 2018

Enterprises are required to maintain an unfailing state of compliance with laws and regulations. 

Do you know about the upcoming PCI-DSS 3.2.1 standard and what it means for your operation? Are you ready to be audited?

Like fire drills, audits can catch us unprepared and expose inadequacies. What should we do now to make sure we pass the next audit with ease?

Presented by renowned industry expert, Professor Avishai Wool, this technical webinar imparts best practices and reveals specific techniques to help you make sure that your compliance posture stands up to any audit.

In this webinar, Professor Wool discusses:

  • Know if your network is compliant with the new PCI standard
  • Upgrade to the secure alternative to SSL to safeguard your payment data
  • Prepare for the next audit
  • Assure continuous compliance