Movin' On Up to the Cloud: How to Migrate your Application Connectivity

Avivi Siman-Tov, Product Manager | Feb 6 2018

Migrating applications to the cloud or to another data center is a complex and risky process. First, you need to understand the applications you are currently running (application discovery). Then, you need to define and map the existing application connectivity flows (pre-migration), so that you can easily reestablish them post-migration.

If done manually, this is a difficult and time-consuming process, and a single mistake can cause outages, compliance violations and create holes in your security perimeter. 

Understanding the migration destination is just as important; cloud security architecture is fundamentally different from physical networks, and it is extremely difficult to translate the network connectivity flows to the cloud security controls and then manage network security policies cohesively across the entire hybrid enterprise environment. All in all, migrating application connectivity is a complex, tedious and error-prone process that can take months and often compromises security, compliance and business agility. 

In this webinar, Avivi Siman-Tov, Product Manager at AlgoSec, explores how to simplify and accelerate large-scale complex application migration projects, while making security a priority. 

Discover best practices to: 
  • Automatically discover applications and their existing connectivity flows 
  • Analyze, simulate and compute the necessary changes – even between different network security technologies such as traditional firewalls and cloud security groups 
  • Execute the necessary firewall rule changes, and mass-migrate relevant connectivity flows 
  • Assess the risk and ensure compliance throughout the migration process 
  • Deliver unified security policy management across the hybrid enterprise cloud environment