Migrate & modernize: Supercharging your Cisco Nexus refresh with ACI

If you still have Cisco Nexus 7000 devices in your environment, surely you have been inundated with end-of-life warnings and next-gen messaging touting the benefits of upgrading to Nexus 9000 with Cisco ACI.

We know, modernizing your infrastructure can be a real pain, but with change also comes opportunity!

Find out in this session how to leverage your Nexus refresh to increase your efficiency and productivity, and reduce security concerns at the same time.

AlgoSec’s Jeremiah Cornelius, along with Cisco’s Cynthia Broderick, will guide you on how to:

• Migrate your current Nexus flows to ACI using your preferred mode – network or application centric.

• Remove vulnerabilities caused by human error via automation of network change processes.

• Instantly identify and remediate risk and compliance violations.

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