Couch Talk: Network Security Management: Insights from the Field with Kyle Wickert


Host: Yitzy Tannenbaum
Product Marketing Manager, AlgoSec
Guest Speaker: Kyle Wickert
Worldwide Strategic Architect, AlgoSec

Every organization manages security differently and changes at a different pace. But how does your organization compare to others? Are there practices from other organizations that you can adopt?

Join the conversation with Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager, and Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect, as Kyle shares his insights from visiting hundreds of companies in the field.

Learn about:
• Managing multi-vendors and multi-technologies within large enterprise hybrid networks.
• Accelerating troubleshooting and cumbersome processes, such as rule recertification and application connectivity.
• Ensuring continuous compliance while adopting new regulations.
• Utilizing network security management to achieve Zero Trust.
• Understanding business applications and the potential related security risks
• How organizations are handing internal struggles between teams and stakeholders in a complex hybrid environment.

Join us for an insightful Couch Talk!

Host: Yitzy Tannenbaum

Product Marketing Manager, AlgoSec

Yitzy, our CouchTalk host, is a Product Marketing Manager at AlgoSec, experienced in networking and security. Yitzy researches trends ensuring the AlgoSec product is on par with the ever-evolving security and network technologies. Prior to AlgoSec, Yitzy served in various sales, marketing and product roles in some of the world’s leading international technology companies. Outside of AlgoSec, Yitzy enjoys traveling, reading and watching game shows.

Guest Speaker: Kyle Wickert

Worldwide Strategic Architect, AlgoSec

Kyle Wickert is the worldwide strategic architect for AlgoSec, covering the Central/North East United States & Eastern Canada. Kyle has worked in information security for the past several years, more specifically in the areas of network security and security architecture, for the Canadian banking industry. Kyle presently holds a CISSP and SCCP and is always looking for ways to share knowledge related to information security. Kyle brings a fresh view of information security and is interested in sharing his beliefs, discussing and debating different security methods and approaches. When not supporting and deploying solutions for AlgoSec customers, Kyle enjoys working with vehicles and staying fit.

Moderator: Miki Weiser-Padova

Director of Digital Marketing Operations and Programs, AlgoSec

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