Build and enforce defense in-depth | An AlgoSec-Cisco Tetration webinar

Jothi Prakash Prabakaran, Senior Product Manager (Cisco), Yoni Geva, Product Manager (AlgoSec) | July 2020

Micro-segmentation protects your workloads and applications against lateral movement of malware and limits the spread of insider threats, yet successfully implementing a defense-in-depth strategy using micro-segmentation is complicated. In this technical webinar, Jothi Prakash Prabakaran, Senior Product Manager at Cisco, and Yoni Geva, Product Manager at AlgoSec, will provide a step-by-step blueprint to implementing this strategy using the micro-segmentation capabilities of Cisco Tetration and network security policy management capabilities of AlgoSec.

They will demonstrate how to tighten your security posture within the data center using an allow-list approach. They will also show how to enforce these granular micro-segmented policies enforced on the workloads with Cisco Tetration and a coarse grain policy enforced across the infrastructure through AlgoSec network security policy management.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:
• Understand your business applications to create your microsegmentation policy
• Validate your micro-segmentation policy is accurate
• Enforce these granular policies on workloads and summarized policies across your infrastructure
• Use risk and vulnerability analysis to tighten your workload and network security
• Identify and manage security risk and compliance in your micro-segmented environment